Saturday, March 31, 2012

2012, the year of follow through...

There's color in the world again. Spring has safely arrived, though here in the State of Empire we have had a bizarrely mild winter (not complaining, mind you, after the winter of 2011 with some three plus feet of snow here on many parts of Long Island).

In the past, the title you see on this post would've been used on January 1st of whatever year we are entering, but so far this year I haven't written much, and in fact have been exploring other matters of life. Now, however, the above noted winter has departed (I said it was mild, didn't say it was less depressing for it, the older I get, the less I like winter), and I'm ready to speak to the world again.

Oh, by the way, welcome to my new blog.

It's been about two years since I last did this on a somewhat regular basis, and I have a renewed energy for it. So much so that I actually am working on two other blogs/projects with friends (you can read about them on my projects page). This time out I plan on doing stuff I haven't before, such as reviews, and perhaps tracking progress on my own endeavors. Although the latter may take a somewhat ambiguous form until I'm ready to reveal the nature of whatever I'm working on. I am a believer in the more you say about something publicly, the less likely it is to happen. Derek Sivers taught me that, and I have proven it to myself on more than one occasion.

I will share some things in progress, mostly in the learning to live parts of my life. On the left-hand side bar you'll see one of the gadgets is dedicated to those subjects I'm currently learning. As of this writing it's beekeeping and sewing. Why those two? Well, the sewing has both artistic and practical purposes. Some future projects I am considering on the artistic side will benefit from the addition of textiles, while knowing how to sew in general may keep me in my clothes longer, or save whatever my current favorite blanket is.

The beekeeping stuff, well, that's a whole bunch of influences tied together. Some of it is reading the blogs of people I admire who do keep bees, or have had experience with it. Other parts are a fascination with how honey bees are tied to the world, and just how important they are. I'll write more when I know more, on this and other subjects.

I put the description of my last blog as "Learning to Live." I think this one may best be described as following through.

Things here are still in progress, I've a few things yet to add before I can truly call this one home, but I hope you like it anyway.