Saturday, May 25, 2013

Robes and Tumblrs

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it in the long term, but I do have a Tumblr. I don't want it to be a just a mirror of my blog, anymore than I want my sad lonely Twitter account to be a linkfest leading here either, but I haven't found it's voice yet. Hell, I'm still working on the voice for this blog.

For now, I mostly reblog cool things I find there, adding commentary as it presents itself. My one original contribution thus far is telling the world what my robe collection would look like, should I feel the need to start one.

Here is a preview:

If you're interested in my other choices, you can see them here.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

OK, so what are Thursdays for?

Thursdays. Like Tuesdays, don't quite know what those are for yet. I suppose all the other stuff from my previous post applies here.

Fridays, however, I know what they're about. Come back tomorrow and I'll share some of my brain pickings with you.

That was a horrible pun. But you won't know why until tomorrow.

No, come back tomorrow, I shan't tell you now. Go back to Monday and look at my cool new shirt to tide you over.



Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What are Tuesdays for now?

Last week I finished up the graphic design class I had been taking since September, so tonight will be my first free Tuesday evening (barring school holidays and being sick) in months. It will continue thus until I find something to do besides be lazy.

I have to find a job, that's top priority now. Well, it's been priority for a while since I lost my job last year, but unemployment doesn't last forever. The good news is I've had more luck with getting interviews lately. The bad news is it won't be in the graphic design field because most of what we learned was how to use a few Adobe products, with comparatively little actual graphic design training. This is OK, as I was mostly interested in getting a head start in those programs, and didn't expect much else, so I got out of it what I wanted. I have more to learn before I can enter that field, including if that's what I truly want to do.

None of this actually answers my question as to what Tuesdays are for now. Maybe an extra nap? Regular blogging? Maybe getting some of those 23 in '13 projects I have in my head going? A weekly Buffy re-watch? (Wasn't Buffy on Tuesdays at some point during its run?)

Hmm. Lots of questions, no answers right now. I'll guess I'll table this until Thursday, since I won't have class then, either.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday, May 6, 2013

Favorite shirt this week: Unexpected Guests

In case you don't watch Big Bang Theory, or haven't otherwise heard of the expansion pack for Rock-Paper-Scissors, look here.

This one is by wirdou (aka Pablo Bustos). Check out his site, lots of other cool shirt designs there. You can find this one at Shirt.Woot.