Monday, January 6, 2014

2014, the year of life, the universe, and everything

Right. Turned on the light so I can see the keys better. 80s music blasting in my headphones because that's what you do at 4am when you're about to write your first official post of 2014 (the 2013: My Year in Media recap launched before I got around to this one, but that's mostly cut and paste, so doesn't count!).

Normally, I schedule my Year of... posts for January 1st, but the end of 2013 was a bit hectic and anxiety filled and I just couldn't quite get it done. Actually, 2013 in general could be considered a bit hectic and anxiety filled, and there was no Year of... post at all, just a bunch of shirts and random comic stuff.

2012 wasn't all that hot, either. July of that year saw my previous job evaporate in one fell swoop of corporate consolidation/third party service provider. I got a decent severance, and there were no hard feelings, but it was a state that lasted over 15 months. Truthfully, I was kind of glad it happened, as I was burned out on that job and rather unhappy. Sometimes you just get stuck, and slowly, slowly sink into the mire.

I'm gainfully employed now, so this year is starting off better than before. It's not my dream job, but being paid for naps isn't really a thing, so I got this instead. What is this? Working for the government. Not a spy or anything, just a desk jockey/phone monkey helping my fellow Americans out in small ways. That's about all I'll say on that here.

What does this year hold? Lots of adventure, potentially. No resolutions, though. Except maybe to sleep better. Not sure if that counts.

Otherwise, I have a list of 18 points of improvement/learning/excitement to work on. Within that bulleted catalog of wonder and amazement are some of the usual lot:

  • Write more better
  • Blog more better
  • Finance more better
  • Etc more better

You see where I'm going. I've added a few things I've been wanting to do for a while, learning to sew and code among them. The really big thing I'm doing this year. though, is something scarier than I've ever tackled before: Lap-band surgery.

I topped out at 405 lbs last year, the highest I've ever noted. It has affected my health--diabetes and sleep apnea being the most serious, but general aches and pains are a daily occurrence--and caused me to not completely live my life the way I would like to.

That's why this is the year of life, the universe, and everything (that, and I turn 42 next month). Many changes coming, hopefully affecting my world for the better. Reports to follow. Others things of note, too.

Farewell from the Junction, for now.

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